Welcome to ARA Art & Antique Restoration

We are a family business originating in Czechoslovakia in the 1930s. The family of artists and craftsman specialized in internal and external restoration of historical buildings, churches, and cathedrals throughout Eastern Europe.

Today, we continue our tradition in the restoration and conservation of Cultural Heritage; from antiques & art objects, to architectural works – historic or contemporary.

Whether your art object or antique has sentimental or real investment value, master craftsman and restorer Frank Pulik, can restore almost any piece to original condition or maintain aged uniformity.

Restoring damaged art and antiques pieces is a dying art form. It is a process which demands discipline and patience and exceptional materials knowledge and artisan ability.

Fine Art Restoration by Frank Pulik

Fine Art restorations by Frank Pulik, Holistic Master Art Restorer, Spiritual/Kinetic Energy Art Healer combined with memories coming from centuries of past-life experiences. Thousands of items restored world-wide, from Austria, France, and the Vatican, to Australia, Franks practice covers a timeframe of more than fifty years.

Frank is a restorer of Fine Art Paintings, Cornice, Frescoes, sentimental items. Specialising in rejuvination, protection, preservation and conservation. Restoration of Frames and Moldings, Gold Gilding, and antique Aged Art Patina, to return objects to original glory. Repairs and restoration in Ceramic, Terracotta, and Clay. Repair damaged items to original surface finish, Frank has performed work on historical items, returning them to original condition using original materials/mediums to match.

Lifetime warranty – Top professional result – Servicing the world